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Welcome to our site!!! We are so glad you found us and are checking us out.
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The above quick video has some tips and tricks to using the site (especially for freebies) and have been summed up below:

1.  Check often (consider signing up for our email updates, following us on twitter, or liking us on Facebook to know when we've posted something new)
2.  Have your browser autofill settings on
3.  Know how to use facebook for freebies effectively
4.  Feel free to unsubcribe when your email box gets full (but be kind and don't mark them as spam)
5.  Give us your feedback and feel free to comment!  We can be contacted via email at  This helps us make the site better for you!

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Know that our site is also formatted for smart phones: check our RedBox codes on the go!
Also, remember to check out the pages and not just the posts to get deals that are ongoing and money saving tips!


  1. Fabulous! Thank you for taking time to share what you know! I find your site very helpful!

    1. We're so glad to hear that! Thanks again for checking us out!