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Some deals aren’t expiring anytime soon!!! 

Always going on (as far as I can tell):

I love using this search engine because it is so easy to earn points.  While I can see how it could be a big time waster (if you were to do their surveys, play games, take offers, etc.), used correctly it’s an easy earner. For example: just through searching its easy to average about 15-20 points a day, and it only takes 450 points to cash out to a $5 Amazon card.  Aka you can get more than $5 a month simply for going through swagbucks for your searches instead of Google.
To sign up: CLICK HERE

Once you are logged in you should see a "tools" section in the top navigation, where you can find information on getting the plug in for your browser, which will make it super easy to use swag bucks for your searches!

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If you sign up for Kohl’s email notifications/newsletter by clicking here (you can always unsubscribe later), they will send you a coupon for $5 off of any purchase within a week or so.  I used mine to get a Valentine’s Day Gift for a woman that I visit that included 2 nice sets of gloves and a small thing of  Gharadelli chocolate all for under $1 by getting items already on clearance!  You can always use it towards something you already need too!

Previously posted but still going on:

FreeBizMag occasionally runs specials where you can get a fancy cooking magazine or something in addition to free industry publications; so you can wait for one of those, or sign up if you realize that magazines related to your job are (probably) more helpful anyways.  I've gotten a few of the engineering ones and they are really good and up-to-date and are helpful to read through before interviews etc.  And they are totally free!
Looking for free trade magazine subscriptions? Checkout!

Saveology offers new sign ups a $15 gift card for only $7.50 which is an awesome first time deal!

If you're looking for summer reading this looks like a really wonderful book.  I was actually at a few services where Pastor MacArthur was going over some of these heroes and both talks were really good!!  All you have to do is sign up for Grace to You's contact list!

You're allowed to order these 4 times a year.  They're nice because you get a whole box full of goodies at once!  Also P&G has some of my favorite brands so although I think coupons are pretty impractical for college students, I've definitely used ones for Dawn out of the book they send.

Free invisible glass cleaner.  Wipes are perfect for use in car!  Sign up here.

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  1. for all of you that use swagbucks, but don't do trusted surveys i just wanted to share a little experience with you that i just had. I spent 15 minutes on a survey on swagbucks for 75 swagbucks (which is about 80 cents in amazon gift cards). now while that may not seem like a good use of your time, i also was offered the opportunity to participate in a secret diner program at IHOP and applebees, with a a free meal at each up to 28$. I don't know about y'all but that's definitely worth my 15 minutes.