For College Students

Paying for college really can be such a huge expense.  While these aren't total solutions, when it comes to financing an education every bit helps. 

Check them out and don't hesitate to comment or email us with any questions, concerns or other tips. 

Join Upromise!

Join Upromise and Save for College! Upromise allows you to register grocery cards so that a percentage of your cost goes into a savings account, a special college saving plan, or toward loan repayment.  It's super easy and a great way to get a little extra money for school without doing anything.  Plus you can put lots of cards on one account so you can always ask other family members of friend to let you register their cards too!

If you are an independent learner, or could be in order to avoid all those hours spent on group projects and papers, look into taking CLEP tests for school credit.  Many schools accept these tests for credit as they are really close to taking an AP (in fact College Board administers both of them). At $77 each, these tests are WAY cheaper than taking an equivalent course at school and thus definitely recommended.  Find out more info here, or google your school name and CLEP equivalencies (sorry fellow Lions, this one isn't an option for us...)

For those of you who are still in school and looking for more money to avoid loans or make your package work, check out FastWeb.Com; you can use the website to apply for many scholarships and its definitely worth spending some time on a few times a year.

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