Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Budgeting--Why it's important

While freebies and deals are fun, on of the main purposes of this site is to share advice on being better money managers.  Because budgeting in college and as a young adult can be especially difficult I want to share both my budgeting sheet: which you can then use yourself if you so desire, and also a quick video with the 5 reasons that I think budgeting is important.

My monthly budget template can be found here.  You should be able to download or make a copy of it.  I included my average percentage from all of last year, but keep in mind that mine vary a good bit from month to month.  Also my car is a big portion of my spending simply because its one of my very few fixed expenditures and I have been paying for my own insurance on a pretty new car.  Most recommend that auto expenditure for college students be no more than 10-15%.


  1. Great tips on budgeting. The more detailed and realistic the better. Percentages help a lot with college aged students due to variable income due to school. I think you covered this one very well.

    1. There are some fixed expenses which is why I think having multiple columns definitely helps. Thanks for sharing your budget.