Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dermstore Deal--$50 of Merchandise for Free!!!!--Just send in a refund!

Ok so this is honestly one of my favorite deals, especially because I have an addiction to expensive sunscreen. Right now at you can get $50 worth of products for free by doing the following:
Sign up through this link to get an account. When you add $50 worth of merchandise you will get both More and Better Homes and Gardens subscriptions for free--however you can send in a refund for each of these and get (2X) a $20 check! And I know that it works because both Holly and I have already got ours :)   

Again, to make it totally free free you can sign up through this link, which allows me to give referrals $10!  Update: the link for whatever reason isn't working, but if you either leave a comment on this post with your email address, or email, and I will email you a link to go through!
And shipping is free!!!  

Quick shopping warning: because I've bought a few things of a, you should know that they don't have cart fillers--aka nothing on the site is less than $10-$12, so don't get your cart to like $48 and then think you will find something little to fill your cart.  Also--if you aren't sure what you want, let me recommend Elta MD sunscreen--I hate sunscreen but can wear it on my face everyday.  It's literally wonderful.

So that's the deal.  And all you have to do is make sure that you print and send in a copy of your receipt and  the offer sheet above, saying that you want a refund!  AND just for those of you who are a little forgetful (umm that's me a lot...) I will post again in two weeks as a reminder to send it in and the number to call and make sure they got it! 
To the left is what your shopping cart should look like when you get to something with $50. Just so you know!

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