Saturday, May 26, 2012

Free Iphone Apps Today!!!

Ok so I never posts all the free ones because half of them are junk and I think your time is valuable.  But even though I only try to post good ones anyway, the ones that were up today seem really good!!

WorldScan--so I've been using a different scanning app on my phone but I would definitely recommend finding one and having something that can take pictures and convert them to pdf to be emailed out or sent to a fax.
Splashtop CamCam--this one has great reviews from all the previous versions and is normally $10.  Even though this version might not be mac compatible, if you get it now then future updates are free, so hopefully they can work out the bugs.

And then there is the one I am most excited for because I am continually having to look things like this up on my computer: the Kitchenator which converts kitchen measurements.  I really like making meals/baking AND cooking things yourself is a big money saver... more about that later.

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