Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gevalia Coffee and Coffeemaker

Ok so if I didn't already have a coffeemaker that I really love, I totally would have purchased this deal.  When a deal very similar to this one came out a while ago for 25 dollars (the coffee maker was a little nicer looking, but otherwise it was the same thing), I got super excited because the coffee alone was a stellar deal (I have a slight addiction to coffee), so adding the coffeemaker made this deal SUPER awesome.  Needless to say, one of our best friends got it (and some of her friends!) and I had some really good coffee out of the cute, working machine! 

For about $10 you get a coffeemaker, 4 boxes of Gevalia coffee or tea, and samples!

PLEASE NOTE: Purchasing this deal puts you in their automatic direct delivery system for more coffee. It is easy to cancel though simply by calling  1-800-438-2542  or logging into your account and canceling online. 

Click here for deal!

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  1. this coffee-maker & coffee deal is literally AMAZING (i got it through the last deal)!!! :DD i am loving your new blog girls! :D :D