Saturday, May 26, 2012


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So the focus of our blog is to help college students and young adults with their finances, and we are definitely going to be focusing on ways to finance school payoff loans for students who are doing that on their own or who don't have their parents or scholarships covering their education.  One of the best things that I have found so far (and I actually seem to be seeing things about it a lot recently) is Upromise.

The program is run by Sallie May and partners with both grocery stores (and online retailers) to donate a percentage of your purchases to either a college savings account that it sets up, to loan repayment, or can be taken as a check.  To sign up or get more information you can click through their link here (or on the banner above).
Upromise - The Smart Way to Save for College

I would have your grocery cards handy for the sign up. Feel free to email your parents and relatives a link to this page so they can read a little bit about it and sign their cards up for your account too.

We are also adding a new page with some suggestions and links for financing college.  If any of you have any we should add please let us know!!!

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