Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Expired: $5 Sign Up Bonus for Etsy-type Deal Site

This deal only worked the first day sign up so hopefully you all already got your credit!

ThriftySeeker is a deal site that features really cute deals from small businesses.  As part of their sign up deal you can join now and get 50 points which is equivalent to $5 to spend on the site for free!  They have a lot of cute stuff and with the deal I'm sure there's lots to find for almost free (hopefully you went ahead and budgeted some money into blow/gifts this morning ;))

Here's a little more about the website:
Do you know about ThriftySeeker?

  • ThriftySeeker posts amazing new deals a few times a week. These items are 40-90% off!
  • Sign up today and receive a $5 credit
  • Earn points by referring friends and purchasing products
  • Turn your points into FREE deals
  • By selling larger quantities than normal, both the customer and the merchants win!
  • ThriftySeeker is a national website that is designed to help you market your company or snatch great deals.

    Are you interested in Featuring a Product?
  • First set up an account at Thrifty Seeker.
  • Contact ThriftySeeker by email at info@thriftyseeker.com

    Whether you are looking to buy or sell, ThriftySeeker is an online resource that you will want to remember. Find out more information when you visit their website, 'Like' them onFacebook, and follow them on TwitterDon't miss an opportunity to save! 
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