Monday, June 18, 2012

Dermstore Deal Again!

UPDATE 6/18: I just checked the Dermstore website and the rebate form has been updated so that the deal may not work if you wanted purchase $80 worth of products for $10. BUT the deal still works to get $50 worth of products free (or to get $30 worth of products free, in the case that you've already gotten a rebate this year for one of the magazines). Again, here, is the rebate form to send in with your receipt to get your rebate. 

Hey everyone! I cannot stress how much this deal rocks my world, literally! Right now Dermstore has ANOTHER magazine rebate that you can submit for (if you already did More and Better Homes and Gardens magazine). Currently, with your $25 purchase you get a subscription to Family Circle Magazine that is worth $20! So here is what you should do to get $30 dollars worth of free products on or

1. Comment on this post (or send us an email at so that we can send you an invite to or this will automatically give you a $10 dollar credit to the site. Or if you refer someone else you can get $10 after they make their first purchase. 

2. With your $10 coupon purchase $30 worth of products.

3. When finished you will pay $20 from your pocket but be sure to print your receipt to send in with this rebate form.

4. Send in the rebate form with your receipt and receive your check for $20!! (Note if you receive the magazine on accident just call 1-800-258-3350 and they will be happy to send you your check in 7 business days...great customer service!)

5. You just got $30 of products for absolutely free!!! There are so many wonderful high end products on the site!!!

Note: If you have never joined Dermstore you can get the invite link for a free $10 credit. Once  you create your account, buy $50 or ($80 if you want to pay $10) worth of any products. $10 will be taken off so you will pay $40 or $70 out of pocket. If you spent $50 (before $10 was taken off) you will get two magazine rebates you should submit for and if you spent $80 (before $10 was taken off), you will get three magazine rebates to submit for! This makes your total cost either free or $10! If this is confusing to anyone just let us know and we can help you out!

Charlotte's checks from the last round (the best thing is that Dermstore partners with the magazine agency to switch up the magazines all the time, and you can do each one once!): 


  1. Please send the link!

    1. Just sent it!! Sorry it took so long.. long day at work ;)

    2. Also just so you know for whatever reason dermstore emails go into spam fairly often. If you haven't gotten your then you should probably check the spam folder!

  2. Do you have the form for the three magazines? or can you send me the link?

  3. Hi, looks like Dermstore took down the offer for the $80 worth of products. I will update the post. BUT, when you purchase products worth $25 or more you automatically get a subscription to Better Homes and Gardens ($20 rebate). When you purchase products worth $50 or more you automatically get the subscription to Fitnesse and Better Homes and Gardens (total rebate =$40) You will see that these will be automatically added to your cart based on how much you spend. When you are finished you print this form (possibly two times):|jpg

    Send the form(s) with copies of your receipt to get the rebate!

  4. Hi Holly,
    I'm making my first dermstore purchase, and came across your site when I wanted to learn more about the magazine refunds. You're page is super helpful, btw :) Quick question, if I qualified for more than 1 subscription, do I need to fill out a separate form for each magazine, or can I just list all on one form? Thanks!