Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wrapp!!! aka Free Stuff!

Ok so I finally made it to the mall to grab a few birthday freebies (Sephora gave me super awesome lipgloss/chapstick)  and used my Wrapp certificates from almost a month ago!

What I got:

A FREE shirt at the Gap.  Right now they are doing 40% off sale items, so they had more than a few things that were less than $5.  Just so you know though: my cashier couldn't ring up the item as a gift card, but it went through as a coupon.

Rosebud Salve for just $2.53 at Sephora (it's normally $7)!  I love this stuff and use it all the time, and it will make a perfect addition to a little gift at some point. 

AND while I was using the app I realized that I can give away even more of the gift cards for free!  When I was giving them away online last month it stopped me after 15... so we'll see what it does this time, but some of you who I missed the last round will definitely be getting some.'

If you haven't downloaded Wrapp you can sign up here, and then download the app for iphone or android.  Oh and if your facebook friends with me or Holly, feel free to share back ;).

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